Soca Skip Fitness – Happy Easter and Keep on moving!
13th April 2017
You can begin to restore your body, mind and Spirit – Soca Skip Power Workout!
26th April 2017

Soca Skip Power Workout – 40 minute dvd workout coming soon!

40 minute dvd workout

Dear Socaskippers and fitness enthusiasts,

This is to share with you some exciting news! Our long awaited 40 minute dvd workout will be available to purchase as a download in just a few days. This means we can reach former clients and new clients globally. You can get in the best shape of your life and begin your journey right here with us.

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Soca Skip Power Workout is a fundamental and fun programme to tone muscles, increase stamina and flexibility, burn calories using only a skipping rope, body weight exercises and a fitness mat for core workouts.

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