5 Habits to Keep You Motivated

There will be times when you don’t feel like exercising. It may be the weather, a great deal of work commitments, lack of sleep, family and children consuming a lot of your time. Whatever the reason or reasons you should make a commitment to yourself to exercise daily. It is as important as breathing. It is vital to your health and wellbeing today and for the future. Remember you want more energy to do the things you love and make a valuable contribution to the world around you.


1. Wake up half-an-hour earlier

Give yourself that time to arise and welcome the day. Instead of having that cup of coffee, get a cool glass of water with a dash of lemon to kick-start the system. Then take a brief moment to meditate before your workout. It will put a smile on your face too and help you relax.

If you can’t get to the gym, bring the gym to you. Pop in a DVD for a 20 minute workout. Give yourself the boost you need to have a more productive day. Let your workout be a combination of stretching, cardio and a nice cool down.


2. Essential vitamins and minerals

Another great way to ensure that the vitamins you are taking are being absorbed, drink 60 ml of the pure aloe Vera juice. Your system will begin to absorb the nutrients from the vitamins and your meal.


3. Make ‘me’ time essential

The earlier morning rising is a great way to start your day. It can become your ‘me’ time if you have a family to look after. So before anyone else gets out of bed, you are on the go preparing your mind, body and soul for the day ahead. A happier person will also maintain a happier home. Make time for yourself every day. It is possible.


4. Motivational Music and talks

Whilst you are in the shower or preparing breakfast put on a 15 minute motivational talk. Feel inspired by those that have walked the path and can encourage you to be the best you. There are many resources on YouTube to help you. Every single human being on this planet needs that support and encouragement. Make it your daily ritual and encourage your family to do so too.


5. Eat Healthy

Finally the 5th habit to help you live your best life. Begin by cutting out the one thing that you know, is causing weight gain, sluggishness, mood swings and other negative effects on your health. Sugar for example, commit to a 7 day cleanse. Remove all cakes, biscuits and unhealthy sweets from your kitchen. Know that you can get your sweet tooth craving from healthier snacks like fruits, nuts, certain seeds, raisins. Pack them in little containers to avoid eating too much as well. Other things you can reduce are alcohol, white flour and dairy. Find alternatives to some of these foods.


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Why not begin by applying one habit at a time. Get up earlier tomorrow for instance. You decide right now to make a commitment to loving yourself more by applying healthier habits to your everyday life.

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