About SocaSkip Fitness

Revolutionary fitness programme

About the fitness programme

SocaSkip® is a complete fitness programme designed in 2007 by professional athlete and Coach Fronzie Charles, who combined his 20 year experience and knowledge as an Athlete, Martial Artist, Coach and Instructor, to develop a powerful fitness brand with multitude of Benefits.

Our greatest goal is to create a world where people are healthier, fitter and happier! Are you ready? We are and we have so much to give to you and share with you.

“Soca Skip is developed for the ‘individual’ in mind, which means that your personal goals are taken on board and you will experience how we engage you and encourage you on this journey!”

Don’t let any self-doubt stand in your way for embracing this multi-faceted fitness programme! Can’t skip we will teach you, don’t want to skip initially, we will show you how to use the techniques until you develop the confidence to pick a rope up. What is amazing about Soca Skip it concludes great warm-ups, fantastic body-conditioning exercises, and dynamic stretches to help you recover from a great workout! You begin at your level of fitness and you advance as you grow. Come on board today, you have so much to gain! We are waiting for you!

What is Soca Skip?

Soca Skip Power Workout® is a new revolutionary fitness programme performed with Carnival (Soca Music) from the Caribbean! 1 Class = burning 1300 calories+ (Advance Power).

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It is also a dynamic Sport Workout which is perfect for an individual pursuing his/her fitness goals or a professional athlete in preparation for competition. The Caribbean music that compliments this workout is energetic, fun and stimulating. The SocaSkip environment is one that is usually described as ‘one big, happy family, getting fit and healthy together.

How to do it?

By combining a variety of skipping techniques, dynamic stretches, sit-ups, press-ups, squats and many other conditioning exercises, SocaSkip® provides a multitude of health and fitness benefits.

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What make this programme so unique, are the benefits derived from jumping, skipping and body-conditioning work-outs. Each component individually, provides tremendous results to the individual, but combined (jumping, skipping, and body-conditioning exercises) it is powerful beyond measure. It is guaranteed to increase stamina, flexibility, helps improve cardio-respiratory (heart and lungs) function, increasing energy to the body, and improves coordination, balance and rhythm. There are two systems in the body the circulatory system (the blood function) and the lymphatic system (the cells) and miraculously through the coordination of skipping and jumping, the lymphatic system increases the cells performance in the body, by absorbing nutrients and removing waste from the body. It helps to disseminate calcium to the body, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis.

How it works?

Skipping burns twice as much calories in a 10-minute session than any other fitness programme and is 40% upper body and 60% lower body workout.

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As a total body programme it helps tone the body, the thighs, hips, Gastrocnemius (calves) and the gluteus maximus (bottom). By engaging your arms and wrist throughout the workout, the biceps, triceps, deltoids, chest and abdominus muscles achieve great results. The jumping techniques in skipping also helps increase the body’s energy system to work more efficiently. The body conditioning exercises in this programme is designed to work specific muscles for e.g. the strengthening of the back muscles to support the body, the toning and strengthening of the abdominus, the Pectoralis major and minor muscles, the deltoids, the quadriceps, and muscles that usually do not benefit from everyday exercises and way of life.


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“First SocaSkip class! Really enjoyed it. Great for flexibility and aerobic workout. Be back next week.”


Frank Lee

“This is the best class in the gym! It is such a great workout for the whole body!”

R. Ahmed

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“Very good teacher, very motivating and fun!! Good music, good stretching! Thanks a lot, will definitely come again!”


Frank Lee

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