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Happy Easter and Keep on moving forward!

It is quite the norm for most of us to over indulge during the holidays. But if you can maintain some good habits throughout, having a little treat is not going to hamper your health. Make time to exercise each day. Drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water per day and...

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Celebrate the little wins in life!

Sometimes if we wait for the big wins and the big breakthroughs we do not acknowledge the little wins and miracles that happen every day in our lives. If you are on a journey to becoming fitter and healthier remember it is not always about the scales. You may have...

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Mindset Change and Weight Management

You begin your Fitness journey and eating healthy plan and you do really well for 1 month. You lose weight you feel better but then you 'fall off the wagon' and return to your former habits. What causes most of us to not stick to a healthier lifestyle is the feeling...

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Who is ready for Skipping this weekend?

The weekend is upon us and you probably have a lot of activities planned. Especially if you have young children or even if you are a young professional with an active social life. You can have fun and still exercise. An early morning warm up followed by 5-10 minutes...

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Top 10 Benefits of Skipping

Yesterday we shared about the powerful benefits of skipping. We wanted to highlight some essential benefits that will motivate you on your journey and to help you develop your fitness plan. 1. Skipping as a jumping technique increases brain activity. Perfect for...

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