Sometimes if we wait for the big wins and the big breakthroughs we do not acknowledge the little wins and miracles that happen every day in our lives. If you are on a journey to becoming fitter and healthier remember it is not always about the scales. You may have lost inches, you may have more radiant skin, more energy, you are having more fun for the first time in years. Celebrate the little wins and you will never go a day without being grateful.

It is also about developing new and positive habits, which takes time. Give yourself a minimum of 21 days to formulate a good habit and break old ones. It could be as simple as drinking more water daily, focusing on your breathing, packing healthy snacks, learning to smile more, quitting swearing – it took you a long time to develop those bad habits, so give yourself permission to grow and begin by celebrating the little wins daily.

Celebrate the morning you got up 30 minutes earlier to start a new exercise. Celebrate you having eaten a healthy breakfast before heading to work. Celebrate you organising the children’s clothes the night before. Build more momentum into your days and give yourself more reasons to smile and celebrate. It helps to be gentle with yourself too. Celebrate the little wins today!

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