Fronzie Charles

Certified Trainer, Fitness Instructor & Martial Arts Coach

About the instructor

Fronzie Charles is a qualified and certified Martial arts Coach, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with over 20 years experience. Fronzie is also an experienced Deep Tissue Massage Therapist and Certified Sports Massage Therapist and has helped many athletes and individuals with his unique techniques and teaching methods. Originally from Grenada, Fronzie has lived in England since 2004 and shares his life with his wife and two young children.

His love for sport and fitness led him to create a unique fitness programme in 2007 whilst in training for Olympic Taekwon-do Qualifiers. ‘Skipping has always been a great part of my training regime, and people in the gym often ask if I can teach them to skip or help them with abs exercises including Trainers and Physiotherapists asking for specific exercises for clients, so I decided to create a programme that will include skipping as well as body conditioning. I had formerly designed a Martial Arts Fitness programme for medical students in the Caribbean, and was excited about doing something new.

“I am passionate about great health and nutrition and have taken a path to further my studies alongside my teaching and training. I am always creating new exercises, and love sharing with others”.

Having trained hundreds of individuals over the years Fronzie is your ideal Personal Trainer and Principal Instructor. He will help you achieve your personal fitness goals and create a happier, healthier lifestyle for you.


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“Fronzie’s expertise, knowledge, creativity and wisdom about training, fitness, exercise, diet, and motivation is outstanding. Fronzie is an expert who genuinely cares about what it is to personally train. He creates exercises that engage both body and mind in ways that empower and inspire me as a ‘person’ who can make change. Fronzie is the best ‘personal’ trainer I have ever had the privilege of working with. He makes it happen.”

Pam Burnard

Professor of Education, University of Cambridge

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