You begin your Fitness journey and eating healthy plan and you do really well for 1 month. You lose weight you feel better but then you ‘fall off the wagon’ and return to your former habits.

What causes most of us to not stick to a healthier lifestyle is the feeling of not deserving – not deserving of this happiness, not deserving of this new body, not deserving of feeling so good. Unless our mindset has developed to become more disciplined and incorporate daily routines that will change our lives in astronomical ways, we are not going to have long-term results. You have to be prepared to ‘change’ . You have to be prepared to make that change for You and make it about You. You have to be prepared to change your circle – environment plays an important role in your development. If you are around people who are critical and negative, this can affect your belief system.

So today I hope you make the decision and I hope you know that there are coaches right here to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. When you grow – we all grow. You got this…Patricia for the Socaskip Team

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