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2020 Personal Training Plans

We offer clients both male and female an individually designed training plan in alignment with their health and fitness goals, with an emphasis on well-being which includes work-life balance.

Working with a range of clients from diverse backgrounds and industries, We give a dynamic total body workout one-to-one experience, to individuals. The training includes, body-weight training, resistance training, strength training, flexibility and core, focusing on either weight-loss or weight-gain, and for clients who are athletes in a competitive environment, he will include a cardio workout that may consist of boxing, skipping, running and endurance training. We offers nutritional advise and guidance, motivational encouragement and realistic short-term, medium-term and long-term goal setting.


We offer one to one training to individuals, providing you with the opportunity to work with an experienced Fitness Coach to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals and achieve success in every area of your life. (Recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week) Each session is 1 hour long either at your home or a near-by gym.

As low as

Price Options

Regular Prices
1 session – £50
2 sessions – £90
3 sessions – £125


Working with groups, a minimum of 2-4 individuals, at a gym or open air to encourage team spirit and help each other achieve your fitness goals together.

Whether you are a company or a group of friends, we will cater for all.

As low as

Price Options

Option 1
Single small group training session(2-5 persons) – £75
Option 2
Single big group training session(6-8 persons) – £120


This is offered to Certified Level 2 Fitness Instructors and Advance Fitness Instructors.

Each programme is tailored from Basics to Advance. (From 1-day courses to weekend long).



A free consultation is given initially either by phone and or included in the first session. Fronzie’s clients has included martial artists, coaches, personal trainers, retired persons and people in sedentary jobs and stressful situations.

Due to the covid-19 virus, sports massage therapy sessions are temporarily unavailable until otherwise informed by the Government.



What they say about us

Fronzie’s expertise, knowledge, creativity and wisdom about training, fitness, exercise, diet, and motivation is outstanding. Fronzie is an expert who genuinely cares about what it is to personally train. He creates exercises that engage both body and mind in ways that empower and inspire me as a ‘person’ who can make change. Fronzie is the best ‘personal’ trainer I have ever had the privilege of working with. He makes it happen.

Dr. Pam Burnard

Professor of Education, University of Cambridge