40 minute Skipping Home Workout


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The 40 Minute Skipping Home Workout DVD is a total body workout for beginners and the more advanced client. The programme consists of body conditioning exercises, dynamic stretches and various skipping techniques to shape, tone, build stamina, increase energy and flexibility. It also includes a relaxing warm up and cool down to get your day off to a great start performed with the flavour of Caribbean music.

Soca Skip® Power Workout is a one stop shop fitness company that offers fun and motivating workouts with ultimate results for clients. We provide classes, group sessions, personal training and online challenges and training. We also give away healthy tips, weekly blogs and nutritional advice. Our sessions give the client a total body workout, mind-set motivation and relaxation. Our Caribbean music and festival atmosphere makes our classes more enjoyable whilst helping each person to achieve their fitness goals. Customers love the friendly and fun loving atmosphere and feels empowered after each class or session.


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