The weather is improving and it is a great chance to begin doing some outdoor workouts or in the comfort of your own back garden. Begin with a light warm up and breathing exercises and get that skipping rope out to begin some interval skipping. If you have been out of practice, make sure you get your rope to a comfortable length and begin doing 30 seconds at a time. It is important to develop good techniques first to get the best out of your skipping programme long term.

The beauty about skipping is that you can take your simple apparatus on the go. Whether you work from home or journey to work, you can incorporate it during your lunch break, in the carpark or in a private room for a few minutes.

There are numerous benefits to skipping and here are just some to think about to get you motivated.
Skipping burns twice as much calories in a 10-minute session than any other fitness programme.
It protects the knees and joints.
It is guaranteed to increase stamina and flexibility.
It is a total body workout and helps with toning, losing or maintaining a healthy weight.
It is a fun workout – to do alone or in a group.
It improves coordination, balance and rhythm.
It helps disseminate calcium to the body because of the jumping.
It decreases the risk of osteoporosis.
It tones the thighs and calves but by engaging the wrist and arms the deltoids, biceps and triceps get a great workout too.

So why not spring into action and get skipping and achieve your fitness goals having a lot of fun too.

Patricia @ Socaskip

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