40 minute Skipping Workout
Get yours today – Soca Skip Power Workout – 40 minute Skipping Workout
26th May 2017
5 habits to keep you motivated
5 Habits to Keep You Motivated
21st September 2017

Get Summer Body Ready – Soca Skip Power Workout DVD

Soca Skip Power Workout DVD

Soca Skip Power Workout DVD

We are in June – it’s not too late to get into shape. Soca Skip Power Workout has designed a 40 minute Skipping Workout to help you shed extra pounds, get toned, feel more energised, improve balance, flexibility, stamina and glowing skin. It is a golden egg and you don’t want to miss out. Purchase your Soca Skip Power Workout DVD today at an affordable rate of £9.99. Wherever you are locally or internationally you can get your downloadable copy today.
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Find out too how you can access personal training, group workouts and local classes.This year we are taking Soca Skip global, join our quest to help others become fitter and healthier.

The Soca Skip Team.

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