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Socaskip Fitness Class Timetable

Classes are taught at gyms and sports centres: SocaSkip is a fun and exciting workout that can be taught to children, young people, and adults of all fitness levels, including pro and amateur athletes of various disciplines such as football, boxing, swimming, martial arts and athletics and much more.

Classes have resumed at Netherhall Sports Centre this week as of November 1st 2021. 

Class Location

Netherhall Dance Studio, 172-180 Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge CB1 8NN, UK


What People Are Saying

“First SocaSkip class! Really enjoyed it. Great for flexibility and aerobic workout. Be back next week.”


Frank Lee

“This is the best class in the gym! It is such a great workout for the whole body!”

R. Ahmed

La Fitness

“Very good teacher, very motivating and fun!! Good music, good stretching! Thanks a lot, will definitely come again!”


Frank Lee