What People Are Saying
Many participants of the Soca Skip Programme have testified to healthy weight and inches-loss, increased stamina, flexibility, mental stability, decreased stress levels, and generally feeling happy and healthy. Various forms of stretching are performed throughout the workout, which includes dynamic, isometric, passive (relaxed), static and others. Participants are encouraged to move beyond their comfort levels, and by doing so it helps to develop their self-esteem and boost their confidence.

“If you want to have fun while improving your cardiac fitness, core strength and flexibility, then there’s nobody better to help you than Fronzie Charles.

His experience as a teacher and international competitor in martial arts means he knows everything about safe, correct technique and controlled movements. It really sets him apart from anyone I have ever worked with. It means that you can get functional strength AND a better awareness of your entire body!

I was thrilled to find a personal trainer so focused on making sure I get longer-lasting results with exercises tailored to really work for me. Sessions are always challenging, but entertaining too and sometimes all that you need to get that last rep done is a brilliant soca or reggae soundtrack (as supplied by Fronzie.

Much of what I tried in his sessions was new to me too, from skipping to boxing to TX work and in combination they’re so much more effective than a gym machine or free weights.

I can’t recommend him highly enough. It’ll change your ideas about training, getting great results and achieving better body confidence!”


Thanks again,
Ian Perrins

“This class is super challenging. Keep it going.”
PE Teacher

Frank Lee Gym

“First SocaSkip class! Really enjoyed it. Great for flexibility and aerobic workout. Be back next week.”

Frank Lee

“One of the best aerobic endurance classes I have been to. Great motivational and experienced instructor! He has a full and qualified knowledge of stretching, which is a rare asset in this day and age of quick fix-classes. MORE PLEASE! Excellent.”
Paul S.

La Fitness

“I have nothing but good things to say about your class. I really like these lessons because I can work all my muscle groups in one session and at the same time I like the huge charge of energy I receive from the Trainer. Even if I feel very tired, it’s difficult for me to miss this class and deny myself the pleasure and positive emotions I receive from the excellent training programme. I am determined not to miss any classes while I’m in Cambridge.”

La Fitness

“This class is so amazing and I think it’s very different from other classes. Very good though difficult! Discovered muscles I have never known before.”

Lloyd Gym

“It is the best class I have ever been. Skipping is part of the class but it is not all about skipping. Lot of very good hard work and exercises, pull-ups and press-ups. Great training! Excellent stretching! Thank you! Don’t stop!”

David Lloyd

“This is the best class in the gym! It is such a great workout for the whole body!”
R. Ahmed

La Fitness

“Very good teacher, very motivating and fun!! Good music, good stretching! Thanks a lot, will definitely come again!”

Frank Lee

“Soca skip is a powerful circuit training workout run b Founder Fronzie Charles and assisted by Max Puke. With great motibation and a nice friendly class if you need to lose weight, get fitter, or even work on a summer body, Soca skip power workout is the place to be. So how has it helped me? I started the class as a newbie back in September not knowing what I was doing or where I was going. I had serious knee weakness what made me feel less able and less confident to work out and achieve normal day to day activities. 5 months down the line my confidence, health and physical upper/lower body strength has increased massively. Before Soca Skip I was a heavy drinker who like to party and smoked around 15 a day. At the age of 20 I decided to stop lazing around and do something with my life. After speaking with Max he told me about the class and I thought I will give it a go how hard can it be. AND IT WAS INTENSE. We laughed and joked all the way through and both Max and Fronzie were really interested in helping me strengthen in my knees and keep all round physically fit. I also started doing physical therapy for my knees and noticed that actually both Fronzie and Max knew more about stretching and mobilising than Physio did (not mocking physio therapy) I would highly recommend this class and hope we all see new faces what the whole class can help motivate and improve all round fitness. I would also like to thank Fronzie and Max for being supportive in starting me not being able to skip or lift myself from a press-up/sit-up/squat and lunges to how I am now.”