The weekend is upon us and you probably have a lot of activities planned. Especially if you have young children or even if you are a young professional with an active social life. You can have fun and still exercise. An early morning warm up followed by 5-10 minutes of skipping to get you going for the day. It will give your body a boost and more energy, not to mention the calories you will burn.

Skipping is not only fun but gives your life the vitality and energy you require. It is a great aerobic exercise, with high intensity but low impact, so very gentle on the knees and other joints.

Purchase one online or at any sports shop. We will soon have our own line here at But in the meantime purchase one and get a daily routine going. Skip in the park, or in your back garden. It is a beautiful and amazing exercise that you can enjoy everyday and yes even on the weekend.
Be safe and have a wonderful time.

The Socaskip Team

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