The best way to overcome your procrastination is to make a start.

You cannot always rely on motivation to pull you through. But you have to take action and begin your journey towards a healthier and happier you. You can have great health and happiness but you must first begin. Whether you work out at home or join a class take the necessary steps today.

The first thing you learn to do in the Soca Skip Power Workout programme is to breathe, to relax and unwind. You learn to release the tension in your shoulders, neck, back and the rest of your body. The variety of body conditioning exercises and skipping techniques combined with a super stretch and cool down, makes it the ultimate fitness plan for you.

You learn to hold your skipping rope the right way and measure it to suit your height. You will be encouraged and supported. The workout is both fun and exhilarating. Whether you can skip or a brand new beginner, you will learn. The process is both enjoyable and at times challenging but it will teach and encourage you to develop your mind-set and your determination.

In forming good habits give it your best for 21 days. This is you developing and discovering the essence of your core. This is you taking the bold steps to align your body, mind and spirit to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

Today make the decision, begin with 15 minutes of exercise and slowly build up each day. Increase your intake of water by 1 glass. Start developing better habits and watch your happiness grow.

You can soon purchase and download Soca Skip Power Workout 40 minute DVD to encourage you on your journey.
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