It takes one step and a determined mind to make it happen. No more procrastination. If it means rising 30 minutes earlier to do a 30 minute workout, then make it happen.

If it means going to bed one hour earlier, then make it happen. Begin by writing a positive affirmation starting with the words I AM. Do the mirror work – stand or sit in front of a mirror and engage your body, mind and spirit to affirm your intentions towards becoming a fitter, healthier and happier you. It starts with a positive self image and it is up to you to make it happen.

Let us help you begin your journey today.

About Patricia Lashley-Charles

Patricia Lashley-CharlesPatricia’s writing has been featured in Magazines, University manuals and newspapers. She is a Trinidadian born poet and creative writer and an advocate for cultural diverse arts and heritage. Patricia has resided in Cambridge, England for the last 16 years and is married to Fronzie and has two children Magnalena age 9 and Fronanzo age 6.

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